01 October, 2008

Drive By Phish Post

(Big Red strutting his stuff onstage)

I actually got a heads-up on the Phish is Back fever a couple of days ago but after so many rumors (both ridiculous and sublime), I pish-toshed this latest one and waited for it to be proven impossible (Trey's on probabtion in Guam or Mike's got a macrame final that day at the local senior center).

Well well, turns out this one is a true rumor and my feelings are almost identical to my friend Mel's. I have a real job now, people. They impose vacation restrictions. It's not like I can just take off and come back later with the cool new Phish shirt.


Okay, favorite Phish moment - the 30 seconds between lights down and the first note. That moment of anything can happen, they can play my absolute favorite song right now or they can introduce me to my new favorite song. Whatever happens though, it's bound to be the best night of my life.

How many things in life make you feel like that? I think that's livin' ... L-I-V-I-N

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Danielle Filas said...

I love that lights out- sudden simultaneous intake of breath as the show is about to begin.
A favorite memory? Alpine Valley- was it 1996? Tim's first show, anyway. Phish finished a roaring first set and he turned to me, absolutely delighted, and asked if I was ready to go home. He wouldn't believe me at first when I promised that they'd play another set and MAYBE even a two song encore... Until he looked around and saw nobody else leaving.
Fun fun fun.