05 November, 2008

O' Hell Yes, We Did (a post dedicated to Peter)

At approximately 10:00 pm CST last night, Barack Obama was declared the winner and President-Elect and I couldn't be any happier. I would say the only thing I missed was some really good theme music to dance to ... it doesn't have to be Fleetwood Mac or Ludicris but just a little song to make me smile everytime they play it on the radio. How about Coolio's Fantastic Voyage? I'm just throwing that out there.

Peter says I don't blog anymore. He's right. I am a fantastic Starter. I start things better than most people do. I start more than most people do. I start and start and start. That's what I do.
Hell, I started this blog twice.

Now ... continuing or closing ... ending. Yea ... I'm not so terrific at those things. In fact, I rarely do those things. I typically just start something else.

So, for Peter - and our new President-Elect - I will actually continue something. I might even continue it later, who knows. Maybe I just have to change the vocabulary and tell myself I need to start a new blog post.

I'll end with some pics from around the world last night/this morning (courtesy of Spiegel Online):


(newspapers across the planet this morning)

(Obama sand castle in India)

(Obama fans in Japan)

(Obama nesting dolls in Russia)

(the name of this town is Obama, Japan - how do you think they feel about last night?!?!)

(Obama's Step-Grandmother in Kenya)

(Something amazing must have happened last night - French people are waving American flags)

(It is a new world, isn't it? Like the sun is shining, people have perma-grins and hope has been restored. Thank God)


Danielle Filas said...

Glad to see you posting! And what fantastic pix....

Peter Von Brown said...

Aw, thanks Deb... :)
See? It's not so hard ;)
And you don't even have to be posting on a theme...
Just rant away!