01 July, 2008

Two Days

I have two days left at my current job.

I spent a useless, but entertaining, 30 minutes writing a novel about how I feel about my current job and soon-to-be-former boss ... I explained how I was able to avoid growing up while working those 13 years here (by the way, interesting comparison I made: that's the length of a K-12 education), I mentioned Phish so that makes me cool, right? I made a clever correlation to Jack and Ralph in Lord of the Flies and expounded on the day my boss laid me off and how I denied myself the pleasure of saying what was really on my mind in the interest of not defaulting on my bills.

It was all really, very intriguing and you would have loved it ... but then I realized that this is the Internet and anything I say or do can and will be held against me.

So, suffice it to say, I have two days left (now about a day-and-a-half after all this time writing a blog I won't even publish) at my current job and I am giddy as a little girl in a Strawberry Shortcake costume.

And now I want strawberry shortcake.


Danielle Filas said...

Mmmm.... Cake. Congratulations on your metamorphosis!

Peter Von Brown said...

PLEASE PLEASE be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween. And allow pictures! And congrats again on your "milestones."

dbz said...

I will NOT be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween ... I will, however, if you insist, eat strawberry shortcake for Halloween. But no, this girl doesn't wear costumes

no, I really want strawberry shortcake now