25 June, 2008

Yayyyy Debbi!

(this is what I imagine I'll look like that weekend, without the hoodie)
Go Me!

I won 2 tickets from the Chicago Reader to the Rothbury Festival in Michigan over the 4th of July weekend.

Very excited ... both Jason and I entered the contest as a last resort, fully expecting to miss the inaugural year of this promising festival due to a desire to s
ave money for Caribbean Holidaze in December and my upcoming job change but figured we'd rest the decision on whether or not we could win a contest (meaning, I expected to be spending the weekend in town going between the local waterpark and the Lisle Eyes To The Skies festival held annually on that weekend.)

But noooooooo, we're going to a festie, we're going to a festie! I am going to need to invest in some comfy sandals!

We get to go live in our really flipping Huge, red
Columbia tent (pictured below) we bought last year for the Camp Bisco VI festival in Mariaville, NY (near Albany)!! I love our tent - it has closets. It's big enough for a queen size blow-up bed - hell, it's big enough for two! And did I mention closets?

I have to start this packing list Now!


Mel said...

ACK! I'm so jealous!!!! That is an amazing line-up!!

Peter Von Brown said...

I don't know whether to congratulate or shake my head at the person who thought of making a tent with closets. ;)

dbz said...

the closets are cooooool ... they have a zip-up "door" so you can close them when company is over :D

Danielle Filas said...

So what was the contest? Most extravagant tent? Fanciest photo of a tent? A short essay on how cool your tent is?